The Art of Printmaking

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Exhibition begins February 13, 2015 at Gallery 78

Labs (woodcut) by Brigid Toole Grant.
Labs (woodcut) by Brigid Toole Grant.

Original multiples take time and care to create.  There are many different types of original multiples, also known as “prints,” from etchings and engravings to serigraphs and linocuts.  This type of art making is as original as any painting and often much more labour intensive.  Come learn about the art of printmaking and view exquisite works by Fred Ross, Ann Manuel, Bruno Bobak, Steven Rhude, Lori Doody,Charlotte Jones, Christine Koch, Francis Wishart and more.  Each artist has a unique hand and each brings sensitivity to their chosen forms of printmaking.

The Art of Printmaking | Gallery 78 | February 13, 2015 | All welcome

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