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Listen to ‘Empty Vessels’ from the Quispamsis noise trio’s upcoming album.

Photo: Alana Carson
Photo: Alana Carson

Despite not having released a full-length album in over seven years, Anthesis remain one of the most interesting, creative, LOUD-AS-F**K bands around, never doing the same thing twice and always challenging their audience with new sounds and projects outside the confines of metal, or grind, or noise or whatever label best describes the band. They’ve appeared on a split releases with Cavern, The Great Sabatini and most recently, the limited edition Anthesis/Greber split 7” put out on Ancient Temple Recordings. They’ve also released two EPs of Nirvana covers and a 30 track collection of experimental material called, Compressed Meat. Needless to say, Anthesis are a band worth paying attention to.

In advance of the band’s upcoming full length album The Age Of Self, due out June 9, 2017 on LP/CD/Cassette, Anthesis are now streaming the track, Empty Vessels. Check it, and watch for there band on tour this summer with Deep Fryer.

The Age of Self Track Listing:

  1. The Path to Enlightenment
    2. False Content
    3. Where’s the Dignity?
    4. Empty Vessels
    5. Reunion
    6. Pension Teeth
    7. Abscent
    8. Decay.Disgust
    9. Shattered Into a Sea of Light
    10. Silence is Solace
    11. The Following

Anthesis is:
Andrew Martin – Drums / Vocals
Scott Lilly – Bass / Vocals
Scott Miller – Guitar / Vocals

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