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Brown Releases New Album | Begins Canadian Tour

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The past few months have required a lot of Andy Brown’s patience. After finishing work on his new album back in the spring, Brown spent the summer trying to keep busy and avoid the inevitable self-contemplation that follows any artist and their work.

“The wait is kind of tiring because you start to overthink some things, things you might have been really happy with and never questioned,” said Brown. “When you have a lot of time, it sometimes gets you thinking and maybe second guessing certain things.”

But Brown is no stranger to the process of releasing music. Seasons is his third full-length album. Over countless weeks spent recording, traveling and performing throughout Canada, the U.S. and Australia, he’s had more than enough time to develop various coping strategies and has come to embrace the humour the whole experience brings.

“It’s always nerve-racking to release a new album. I’ve gone to the very edge of that craziness before on past albums and I wanted to try and avoid it this time,” he said. “I did still go towards ‘crazy’ but I didn’t actually reach it, so I consider that a success. The next time I’ll be even better prepared and hopefully I’ll eventually reach a stage in my career where I can make a record and just not have a nervous breakdown.”

Brown began working on Seasons last year. Jumping on an opportunity to work with producer Dan Ledwell (Jenn Grant, Justin Rutledge) at Echo Lake Studios in Nova Scotia, the two juggled their schedules over several months before they were able to complete the project.

“I recorded most of it and then I went away on tour in Australia for three months,” said Brown. “Then I came back and finished up a few things and then Dan went away for two months on tour with Jenn Grant. Between the two of us, there was a lot of ‘OK. We’ll get around to it and eventually finish this off’, but it was well worth it because Dan is excellent at what he does.”

One of Brown’s favourite tracks on the album is a song he originally penned for Australian Idol performer, Damien Leith.

“When I was looking at songs for this album, I sent this one over to Dan and reworked it quite differently. It’s called Never Forget and it’s actually one of my favourite songs on the album because to me, it stands out as something very different when I compare it to others songs I’ve done.”

Brown also co-wrote several songs for this album with Australian singer-songwriter Dylan Wright, whose take on Americana, country and folk music has been earning him a great deal of attention throughout Australia’s folk community.

“Dylan is personally one of my favourite musicians and has become a great friend,” said Brown. “He and I ended up Skype writing and completing four of the songs that appear of the album. He sings backing vocals on a lot of the songs and his tracks were all recorded in New South Wales.”

This week, Brown kicks off a cross-Canada tour in support of Seasons, which was officially released in Canada on August 18, and will perform before a hometown audience on September 3, 2015 at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre.

Andy Brown album release | September 3, 2015 | Charlotte Street Arts Centre | 8:00 p.m. | Buy Tickets | View event

Canadian Tour Dates

Aug 25- The Nook & Cranny, Truro NS

Aug 27- Trailside Cafe & Inn, Mt Stewart PEI

Aug 28- HUFF at The Rockbottom Brewpub, Halifax NS

Sept 3- Charlotte Street Theatre, Fredericton NB

Sept 6- The Barrel Head, Rothesay NB

Sept 10- The Ship Pub, St. John’s NL

Sept 11- Citadel House, Lewisporte NL

Sept 12- Clancys Pub, Stephenville NL

Sept 14- The Drake Hotel, Toronto, ON

Sept 17- Le Cercle, Quebec City QC

Sept 18- The Daily Grind, Ottawa ON

Sept 20- L’Escalier, Montreal QC

Sept 24- The Garrick Hotel, Winnipeg MB

Sept 25- Bijou Steakhouse, Kenora ON

Sept 26- The Railway Club, Vancouver BC

Oct 1- The Bassment, Saskatoon SK

Oct 4- Last Chance Saloon, Wayne AB

Oct 9- Owl Acoustic Lounge, Lethbridge AB

Oct 11- The Ironwood Bar & Grill, Calgary AB

Oct 14- Inspire Cafe, Medicine Hat AB

Oct 15- Fernie Arts Station, Fernie BC

Oct 25- Plan B, Moncton NB

Visit Andy Brown online for more information.

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