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Fredericton United Comedy Collective celebrate fourth anniversary.

FUCC painting by Sharon Epic

This week members of the Fredericton United Comedy Collective will take to the Wilser’s Room stage to celebrate four years of laughter. Since forming in 2011, the group has managed to introduce and establish regular comedy events as part of the city’s entertainment culture.

“The collective’s common goal from the start has been to put on good stand-up comedy shows,” said comedian and founding member, Trevor Muxworthy. “We’ve maintained our First Monday Of The Month Show for the past four years, which serves as our open-mic – a booked show but one that allows newcomers whenever they want to jump on stage.”

The open-mic aspect of FUCC events has helped encourage a lot of closet comics to try their luck in front of an audience. They’ve managed to create a supportive and thriving scene for comedy where no prior scene existed. That’s a remarkable accomplishment.

The collective’s efforts have grown to include special guest performances, welcoming touring comics to The Capital Complex to perform under the FUCC banner. A show featuring four Halifax comics is planned for June 20th and Canadian Comedy Award nominee Darren Frost will join collective members for a performance on July 7.

“I want to sell out the Darren Frost show,” said Muxworthy. “He deserves it. He is one of Canada’s true national treasures when it comes to the craft of stand up, and to see him in a rock club like atmosphere will be incredible.”

For the most part, Muxworthy and fellow founding FUCC members Jess Williams, Meg MacKay, John Bailey, Brendan Wahl and Jason MacLeod remain involved in comedy, although a few have left Fredericton in search of new stages and opportunities.

MacKay is currently co-hosting the hilarious podcast Big Gross Movies with Toronto comedian Dave Atkinson.

“Jess and Meg both moved to Toronto and from what I can tell through Facebook updates, they are doing well,” said Muxworthy. “I’m sure they’re both killing it because they had what it takes to be good from the start. John and Jason have been doing their thing. I haven’t seen Brendan perform in awhile. I think he chose his love of Trivia over comedy, that hurt but I accepted it.”

Muxworthy also cites several honourary members who have been involved with the collective over the past four years and continue to keep the dream alive, promoting their own events and performing throughout the province.

“People should check out Troy Haines, Jon Forward, Pete Breau, Shane Ogden, and Clint Gardiner when he’s around. So many people. We are all doing our own thing,” he said.

After honing his own skills for almost four full years, Muxworthy is starting to feel like things are happening. The crowds continue to grow and the ideas continue to develop and explore new directions. His latest project, So Dope Too Funny, mixes comedy, live painting and hip-hop into a unique show experience with musician Ceeb Dread and visual artist Sharon Epic.

“It’s starting to grow wings. We’re going to take that idea on tour and make a podcast.”

“Comedy is crazy,” he said. “I love it. I’m starting to learn how to do this thing. It takes time but it’s a lot of fun. We are putting Fredericton on the map. We’re putting New Brunswick on the map. There is no comedy star system in Canada. It’s a process. I just want to put on good shows and see where this goes. The Capital Complex has been nothing but supportive during the process and they have a couple of great venues for stand up.”

Join members of the Fredericton United Comedy Collective Thursday June 4, 2015 and celebrate four years of city comedy. And watch for Trevor Muxworthy’s live recording (audio AND video!) dropping very soon via bandcamp.

FUCC | Wiser’s Room | June 4, 2015 | 8:00 p.m. | $5 | View Event

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