An Artistic Hub for Saint John?

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Liveable Saint John is looking for local participation in their Creative Spaces Survey. 

Saint John has a growing, active arts community. Many cities in Canada have a central hub for the arts, such as the Charlotte St. Arts Centre in Fredericton, or the Aberdeen Centre in Moncton. Though Saint John boasts a variety of performance venues, exhibition spaces, artist studios and instructional spaces, the city lacks a hub for artists and creative professionals, with rentable space that can grow and adapt to the needs of the arts community.

This survey is intended to gather feedback from people and organizations in creative disciplines based in Saint John, who would benefit from a dedicated rental space and/or co-working space, that can accommodate a wide variety of needs for creative professionals.

Though the survey can be completed anonymously, an option to provide your contact information is available to enable follow up questions and further updates.

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