Amber Walls shares debut single

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Emerging country music singer songwriter Amber Walls wastes no time getting her voice out into the wider world with the release of her debut single, Should Have Listened to Mama.

Matt Carter 

I remember when Amber Walls played her first show in Fredericton back on November 10 of last year. She was opening up for Colin Fowlie at the Open Space Theatre and I had volunteered to run the bar that night. As a result of my duties, I spent much of the evening in the lobby but have a vivid memory of hearing her voice for the first time and thinking, “Holy $#@$! This woman can really sing!” Maybe it was because I knew she was from out of town and playing her first show in Fredericton that night, but I didn’t come into the evening expecting to be blown away. I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

Just shy of the six month mark since hearing Walls for the first time, this Blackville-based country music singer has finally made things official with the release of her debut single, Should Have Listened to Mama, an expertly produced song that has all the characteristics of a bonafide chart-topper. A catchy chorus supporting a classic country storyline (yeah, this one’s about heartbreak), combined with a first rate arrangement positions Walls’ first single above a lot of recent debuts I’ve heard. Her songwriting is on point and there are just enough playful country music tropes buried within the song’s storyline to warm the heart of even the most cynical music critics. 

In my experience, the kind of language that comes packaged in press releases and media material only serves to inflate expectation. But in the case of Amber Walls’ debut, I’d have to agree that in fact, “Should Have Listened to Mama is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting musical journey.” Whether or not you like country music, the potential here is undeniable. 


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