All-Canadian Livestreams Continue at Theatre UNB

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Theatre UNB follow two weeks of live-streamed Canadian comedy with Nicholas Billon’s powerful family drama, Greenland.

Theatre UNB have fully embraced live stream event sharing. Earlier this month, the University of New Brunswick’s drama program presented a pair of Canadian comedies running in repertory, live from the company’s home at Memorial Hall. Programming continues this week with Nicholas Billon’s powerful family drama, Greenland.

As the icecaps melt, altered worlds are set adrift. In a series of monologues, three members of a family—a glaciologist, an actor, and a twin struggling with the death of her brother—are left to grieve and try to formulate their own mythologies to make sense of a world that has gained a newly discovered island, but lost someone dear to them. 

Greenland is directed by Rory Jurmain, with production design and stage management by Rory Jurmain and Kris Nason, and features performances from Devin Rockwell, Jane Deil, and Mary Walker.

Greenland will be staged from February 18-20 at 7:30 p.m. ADT nightly. Tickets are $5 student, $8 senior/underemployed, and $10 regular. Buy tickets here.

For more information, visit, email or phone 447-3078.


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