All-Ages Show: DenMother+Gold Punks+Wangled Teb+The Trick

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Read’s Newsstand and Café host an evening of electronic minimalism January 13.

Read’s Newsstand and Café’s ongoing, all-ages music programming continues this week with performances by an impressive cast of musicians from the city’s emerging electronic music scene. Over the past few years Fredericton has welcomed several new releases by synth/electro based musicians, each following their own unique direction from ambient swelling chords and atmospheric layers to breakbeats and vocal loops. This particular lineup features a few key players from this scene-within-a-scene and will definitely offer a solid introduction to anyone creeping or snooping the world of bleeping and blooping. 

Here’s a look at who’s performing:

Gold Punks

Twisted cityscapes alight with golds and neon pinks; Keytars and drum machines that have gained sentience and taken over open mic night at the local pizza joint. Highways form vast vertical loops and hover cars leave trails of lime green around you as you dance ever higher towards an old decrepit sun. 


An infinite, bleak wasteland; the broken husks of old machines groan under a harsh, gray wind, echoing the sounds of those you have lost and those you wish you could see again. Voices of memories, broken hearts, chipped teeth and bitten tongues, drifting on the wind like phantoms…Hypnotic hums and repetitive rhythms, leftover remnants of a long-gone civilization…Finding a strange comfort and solace in the ethereal alonescape.

Wangled Teb

A vast forest that stretches as far as the eye can see, its massive trees of oak and blackened steel outstretched towards the sky as if in reverence. A lake swirling with water and oil, swimming fish with cyborg gills and piston-grip crabs; the horizon is peppered with mountains of salt, decomposing Gameboys and Nokia phones. The distinction between the artificial and the natural has faded away as quickly as humanity itself.

The Trick

The Trick have been making music for years. A major creative outlet for Fredericton musician Patrick Reinartz, The Trick is a highly adaptive project known to appear as a solo performer, a quartet or in this case, a duo. Either way, Reinartz’s songwriting paired with any configuration of The Trick is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 


Gold Punks + DenMother + Wangled Teb | January 13 | Read’s Newsstand and Cafe | 8 p.m. | This venue is wheelchair-accessible and has two all-gender washrooms | $7 | View Event


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