Adyn Townes Shares Second Single Off Forthcoming Album

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‘Kids’ is Adyn Townes’ latest single and his second release of 2020. Townes is expected to release a new album this fall, his first full-length release since 2018’s ‘After The Fall’. 

Adyn Townes has been busy these past few weeks. As summer enters its mid-way point, Townes has begun building momentum for his forthcoming album, releasing a pair of singles, a new video and some extras on YouTube including a cover of Warren Zevon’s ‘Keep Me In Your Heart’. 

His latest release, the new single ‘Kids’, finds Townes working with PEI producer Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions, Sorrey) and songwriter Bruce Rooney (Coyote, Sorrey), crafting a wonderfully nostalgic look at the innocence of childhood and the important role those moments play in shaping our lives.  

Long nights and hard days
Regrets and mistakes
The choices you make
We tried harder than we ever did
There were problems but we were just kids

‘Kids’ was preceded by the single ‘Leave It Alone’ was was released in June supported by a video featuring the work of Montreal based dancer and choreographer Miranda Chan.

More information on Townes’ forthcoming album is expected to arrive later this summer.


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