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Bored Coast Records announce limited edition Starving Ghosts compilation CD.

New Brunswick musician, journalist and radio host JE Sheehy will conclude a highly prolific year with yet another release. Une année à Moncton will feature eight selected tracks from his electro-noise project Starving Ghosts, each taken from the project’s four digital-only releases (Starving Ghosts I, II, III & IIII).

As the name suggests, Une année à Moncton, was inspired by Sheehy’s past year spent living and working in Moncton and will mark the first physical release to surface from the project.

The album will be available in December via Bored Coast Records and will be limited to just 25 physical copies.

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Pre-Orders for Une année à Moncton are now available HERE for both physical and digital copies.

Track Listing:

1. Past Apartments
2. Drops
3. Annual “Can’t Sleep, Clown’s Gonna Eat Me” Month
4. This attic smells terrible, you ought to open a window instead of playing trumpet and throwing a party
5. Starving Ghosts
6. …pis t’es arrivée en même temps que le printemps
7. Black Out
8. Un à dix sur l’échelle de l’angoisse et du malaise

Tracks 1, 3, 5, 8: SG I (January 2017) 
Tracks 2 & 7: SG II (March 2017) 
Track 6: SG III (June 2017) 
Track 4: SG IIII (September 2017) 

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