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Singer/songwriter Marty Kolls returns to her hometown of Fredericton for an outdoor performance August 16, 2016.

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It’s been 13 years since Fredericton native Marty Kolls last performed before a hometown audience. Kolls got her start performing in Fredericton during the 1980s as a member of Characters Incorporated, a popular performance troupe that grew from an after school program into an international touring ensemble. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario where she pursued her love for music, Kolls works as a fulltime musician teaching and performing near her home of London, Ontario.

Her 2014 debut full-length, This Life, is a contemplative look at world that draws comparisons to the likes of Sarah Harmer, Kathleen Edwards and Beirut with unique arrangements guiding a playful mix of pop and folk influences.

“Having grown up on the stage, I wanted to entertain the feeling of a big band and the memories of what used to be a part of so many live performances back in the day,” said Kolls, who had spent a lot of time playing with arrangements before committing them to the recording. “Finally getting to hear all of the instruments together was so thrilling. Especially in the horn and string sections. Something I had been hearing in my head for so long. I also enjoyed how things morphed and changed in the recording setting. Recording is so different from the live performance and there were changes we made along the way I never would have expected. Like the removal of a few lines here or the addition of electric guitar there. Things you wouldn’t notice live, but in a recording add so much to the sound.”

While most of the material on This Life is guided by Koll’s skillful piano work, for her homecoming performance will see her take a pared down approach that will no doubt be a perfect fit for a summer’s evening.

“I’m travelling with my banjo, ukulele and accordion for the show, so it’ll be a fun mix,” said Koll. “I’ve been looking forward to doing a trip home to New Brunswick for some time, and this show fits in so nicely.”

Marty Kolls | Tuesday August 16, 2016 | Fredericton, NB | 7:30pm | View event | More info

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