A Song of Trash and Fire

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Hot Garbage Players return to Wilser’s Room this week.

11233994_355412077991447_4786356752148281996_nHot Garbage Players return to the Wilser’s Room stage this Thursday night. This time around, the city’s only active performing improve troupe will present something they’re calling, A Song of Trash and Fire. While the group’s first show back in April was made up of several short performances pieces, this week’s performance will see the troupe adopt a more long-form approach to improve storytelling.

“A Song of Trash and Fire is going to differ from our first show in a few ways,” said founding member Jean-Michel Cliche. “Where our first show was focused on introducing improv to a Fredericton audience, this upcoming show is going to be a lot closer to what we intend to do in the long run – creating one long-form improvised piece, as opposed to a bunch of short unrelated sketches. We’re also going to be basing each of our performances off a popular story or theme; in this case, a political fantasy akin to Game of Thrones. These themes are only being used to inspire the shows and won’t be direct parodies, meaning they will infuse each performance with a new energy without alienating people unfamiliar with the source material.”

Featured players for this performance include Emily Bossé, Jean-Michel Cliche, Ian Goff, Alexa Higgins, Brett Loughery and Gordon Mihan.

“While the format is slightly different, the atmosphere we created in the first show will carry on,” said Cliche. “It’s very important for us to have a fun and casual environment, for performer and audience members alike.”

Hot Garbage Players | A Song of Trash and Fire | Wilser’s Room | May 28, 2015 | Doors at 8:30pm | Show at 9:00pm | More info

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