A Shake-Up in the Hen House

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Solo Chicken Productions announces a new position and a new look.

Matt Carter 

Fredericton-based Solo Chicken Productions occupy a unique space in the city’s theatre community. From its beginnings as a physical theatre company, the company has grown to become a prominent voice in highly accessible adult theatre education, making space and creating opportunities for emerging theatre artists through a variety of programs and initiatives. 

Since the launch of its emerging artist initiative “the coop” in 2015, the work undertaken by this branch of programming has since evolved to become the company’s defining mandate and artistic priority. 

Solo Chicken Productions has recently announced it will be retiring “the coop” title and absorbing all aspects of artist training and related creative projects into one basket. A big part of this change will see coop co-artistic director Jean-Michel Cliche assuming a new position as Associate Artistic Director of the company.

“This is a very exciting time for the company as we are experiencing so much growth and change,” said Solo Chicken Productions’s Artistic Producer and co-founder Lisa Anne Ross. “It felt like a great time to share the leadership of the company with someone who has the talent, passion, and commitment to foster this growth. Jean-Michel and I share a common language and vision of what the company can become, but he also brings so many unique skills to the role.”

Cliche, a long time Solo Chicken collaborator and one of the first artists involved in “the coop” with its production, A Record Of Us, will work in partnership with Ross to lead the company as it creates and grows.

“It’s a joy to be able to continue working with Solo Chicken and an honour to step into this leadership role,” said Cliche. “Having worked with Solo Chicken in a variety of facets over the years, I’m excited to continue helping Lisa tinker with this evolving company by adding my own skills and ideas to the collective toolbox. It is a privilege to be able to create in New Brunswick and I look forward to growing alongside our wonderful theatre community.”

This news comes packaged with a new look for the company created by Fredericton designer Kirsten Stackhouse along with a revised website


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