A Night of Noise

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Montreal power-trio Towanda one of three bands playing Read’s Newsstand this weekend.


Just as another edition of Shivering Songs comes to close, downtown Fredericton will ignite with a three band bill guaranteed to shift your sonic gears into overdrive.

On Sunday January 22, Montreal fuzz rockers Towanda will join Toronto noise punks, Protruders, and The Waking Night to wrap up one of Fredericton’s busiest winter music weekends.

“Straight from the deepest crypts of our human cores, Montrealeans, Towanda carry a crushing mass of sound that will be sure to envelope and enthral,” said event organizer Charles Harding. “Expect nothing less than thunder. Their latest release Plaything tells like it is in a way that demands your full scope, rightly so.”

Proturders features members of the late Sackville art-punk ensemble Kappa Chow. The band’s latest release Untucked in Nantucket is a mesmerizing onslaught of chaotic noise that flips the bird at predictability and convention.

“Lots of overdriven chug, powerhouse drums and momentous energy,” said Harding. “Sounds I love.”

Towanda + Protruders + The Waking Night | Reads Newsstand | January 22, 2017 | 9 p.m. | $8 | All-Ages

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