A New Series From Hot Garbage Players Begins This Saturday

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Jenn Flewelling will host Trash Talk, an evening of storytelling this Saturday at Wilser’s Room.

Matt Carter

Hot Garbage Players will be changing things up this year. Beginning this weekend with a Saturday evening performance at Wilser’s Room, the Fredericton improve collective will launch a new series of one-off events that will see a variety of members taking the lead on charting some new territory.

To start, HGP’s Jenn Flewelling will host the storytelling event, Trash Talk.

“This new HGP segment will be the first in a line of one off bimonthly shows, presented by Hot Garbage members,” said Flewelling. “Storytelling has been a performance medium that I’ve been interested in for a long time, to me it is something that is inherently Canadian and even more NB.”

The show will feature stories from Flewelling, Anthony Bryan, Gill Salmon, Sean McCullum, Jean-Michel Cliche and Greg Everett.

Everett, a local playwright and performer, began hosting pop-up storytelling events last fall. Flewelling credits him for helping shape this first new event under the HGP banner.

“Greg and I are close friends who love to bounce ideas off of each other, so when we talked about story telling we both knew it was something that was missing from the performing arts scene in Fredericton. I’ve participated in both of Greg’s pop up story telling events and enjoyed it immensely, and he’ll be participating in this one too!”

Future events in this wild card series are expected to range from improve to sketch comedy and everything in between. Follow HGP on Facebook to keep up with news and upcoming performances.

Trash Talk | March 14 | Wilser’s Room | 7:30 p.m. | View Event

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