A Motherhood and Jane Blanchard holiday doubleheader

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Motherhood and Jane Blanchard will perform a pair of shows at The Cap on December 23 beginning with an all-ages performance at 8 p.m.

Motherhood photo by Kyle Cunjak.

All-ages rock shows are a bit of a rarity these days. You could list a hundred reasons why (but don’t). So when one actually happens, it’s a bit of an event. And rightfully so.

As part of The Cap’s holiday lineup which also includes upcoming performances by The Hypochondriacs, Chillteens, Grand Theft Bus, Rich Aucoin, Marian and Dad Patrol, Motherhood and Jane Blanchard will be teaming up for a pair of performances on December 23 that will include a rare all-ages show at the city’s premier live music venue. 

All regular COVID protocols will be in place. See the event link below for complete details.

Motherhood + Jane Blanchard | December 23 | The Cap | 8 p.m. (all ages) and 11 p.m. (19+) | View Event 

Motherhood photo by Kyle Cunjak.

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