7 Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Shivering Songs Experience

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tipsBy Kate Butler

First time at Shivering Songs? People seem to love lists so here are the top 7 things you must know for your shivering weekend, courtesy of Grid City.

  1. Dress appropriately. If you are attending shows at Wilmot Church it is a large older building and can get a little chilly in there so bundle up!
  1. If possible arrive to the show when doors open (usually an hour before the show) to get the best seat as many shows are sold out or close to being sold out.
  1. Get outside your comfort zone and go to a show you might not normally venture to. You may just end up loving it. My bet is you will.
  1. The best thing about a winter music festival in a small city? The musicians and artists are usually hanging out at other shows and hang around after their own shows to chat. Don’t be shy. How else would I have found out Dave Bidini was wearing long johns at last years festival?
  1. Bring cash to support the artists by purchasing their merchandise at the shows. This is the best way to show a musician/artist appreciation for what they are creating.
  1. Don’t have the cash to go to all the shows you want? Volunteer. There are many volunteer positions available and you can sign up here: https://docs.google.com/a/deltahotels.com/forms/d/1fB3TpLZC7OQHSeRy69leniLi612XncW0saD_aDA1Y6I/viewform
  1. Where can you purchase tickets?

Online: http://www.shiveringsongs.com/tickets IIn person:  E-Ticket Now kiosk at Isaac’s Way Restaurant- 645 Queen St. A limited amount of tickets may also be available at the door.


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