5 Things Happening in Fredericton this Weekend

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Starting this week, we’ll be sharing 5 Things Happening in Fredericton This Weekend, every Friday morning.  The events are selected at random and aim to provide a cross-section of arts and entertainment events taking place throughout the city.


Nasty Shadows Theatre Company presents Rougher Magic: A Cubist Shakespeare by Robert Moore

Is there anything older than the story of civilized folk trapped on a desert island? This particular telling of the age-old tale centres around a loving yet strangely indifferent father whose powers are failing him, his fantastically nasty dogsbody of a spirit helper, his estranged daughter and her several alter-egos, and last and (too often) least, a colonized son/brother (the island’s only indigenous inhabitant) who has yet to figure out the rules governing the master race’s notions of “civil conversation.”

Sound familiar? Rougher Magic: A Cubist Shakespeare is written through, as much as around, Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Using one of the Bard’s final plays as the source for a stunningly original story, Rougher Magic is a funny and moving deconstruction of the various ways in which The Tempest (that extended meditation on the inevitability of death) constructs race and gender.

Robert Moore’s Rougher Magic, directed by fellow Shadow co-founder, Scott Shannon, and performed by a tribe of veteran ‘Nasties,’ offers an unforgettable theatrical adventure for cast and audience alike.

This production will run in Fredericton on December 5 at 7:30pm in the TNB Studio. Tickets are $10 at the door.

Warning: This show contains wildly loose, and possibly offensive, language and subject matter.

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Dana O’Regan’s Inventory and Release: The Process of Letting Go

Starting at 12pm on Friday, December 5 come to the entrance of 384 Queen Street, shake the rope with the bells on it that will be hanging from the studio window and you will receive a free painted, abstract figurine created by Dana O’Reagan. It’s that simple.

Artist’s Statement:

Over the past year, I have accumulated a lot of painted material (paint skins from pours and dried palettes) that reflect the way I approach my craft. They served me well but I want to move on from this point and continue in another direction. Instead of throwing them away I have decided to turn this mess into miniature figurines that I see as kernel events of what my painting technique and process has been over the last two years. If you are downtown this Friday at noon come to the entrance of 384 Queen Street and give the rope with bells hanging down a jingle.

Please note that there is a limited supply of pieces so it will be on a first come first serve basis. This project was funded in part by Artsnb.

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The Conservation Council of NB presents a Readers and Writers Night

Please join us for an evening of stories and conversation during a Readers and Writers Night at Conserver House, located at 180 St. John Street in Fredericton on Saturday, December 6 from 7 to 9pm. This event is a fundraiser for the Conservation Council of New Brunswick and is being held with support from Goose Lane Editions, Picaroons Traditional Ales, and Westminster Books.

Featured authors include Beth Powning, Carla Gunn and Gerard Beirne. Guests will hear readings from these accomplished New Brunswick authors and have the chance to pick the writers’ brains during a casual Q&A and open discussion.

Tickets are $15 per person and the cost includes beer tickets for refreshments provided by Picaroons Traditional Ales. Snacks will also be on hand. All proceeds from the event will go toward the Conservation Council’s programs to protect our land, air, and water.

Come out to hear some good stories, share in a lively discussion, pick up a new book or two and have a brew among good company at cozy Conserver House.

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The Saint John String Quartet at the Fredericton Public Library

Join us at the library for a classical concert for the whole family. The talented musicians of the Saint John String Quartet will present snowy music to celebrate the season and get us all in the Christmas spirit! This concert is free and there is no need to register.

Saturday, December 6, 10:30am

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The Lintuhtine Music Academy of Oromocto Choirs presents: The Christmas Story

The Lintuhtine Music Academy of Oromocto Choirs present their annual The Christmas Story with special guests – Becky Banks MacLean (soloist), Catherine Harrop (narrator), David Berry (organist), and Sidney Murgatroyd (violin).

This show will be presented on Saturday, December 6 at the Oromocto United Church at 7pm. Admission is by monetary donation at the door with proceeds going to the Oromocto Food Bank. There will also be a performance on Sunday, December 7 at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Fredericton at 7pm. Admission is a monetary donation at the door with proceeds going to the Fredericton Food Bank.

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