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The Countdown is on for the Next Folding Theatre Company’s Creative Collaboration.


The Next Folding Theatre Company is preparing to unleash its own unique brand of theatricality on the city of Fredericton once again. Now in its sixth year, the Creative Collaboration has become a trademark of the NFTC. A story is told from the perspective of six different local storytellers through songs, swordplay and special effects. Each writer’s world of the collaboration is completely unique.

This time, the NFTC will be taking over Wilser’s Room, in The Capital Complex, with a funny, twisted and epic take on how we celebrate New Year’s Eve. 10! 9! 8! etc., etc. is written, performed and directed by Hilary Ball, Crystal Chettiar, Ian Goff, Alexa Higgins, Hilary Ready, Dylan Sealy.

“Part of the purpose of the Creative Collaboration is to get six artists together from completely different backgrounds,” said Jake Martin, NFTC’s Artistic Director. “We try to include a few people with at least a little theatre experience and mix them in with artists who have never done any theatre before. The idea is to take people out of their comfort zone and experiment with a different art style they may not normally have the chance to be apart of.”

“In this year’s show, we’ve got a few people who have done a lot of theatre in the past, one person who hasn’t done theatre since high school and people with dance and music backgrounds primarily. This is also the first year that everyone involved has never done a Creative Collaboration before.”

10! 9! 8! etc., etc. captures the iconic New Year’s countdown from six perspectives. The show is loosely set in an apartment building during the hours leading up to midnight. Wilser’s Room becomes the backdrop for a college party, a remembered relationship, a crime drama, an opera, and a game of cards, all interwoven with vignettes, which explore the Chinese New Year.

“Along with having a cast who have never done a Creative Collaboration before, we wanted to try to do something new in terms of a venue as well,” said Martin. “Zach Atkinson from The Capital is just awesome, always experimenting with new artists and ideas. We pitched the idea to him to do the whole show there and he seemed very excited about it, so we’re going to transform Wilser’s Room into a theatre for those three nights. And without giving too much away, I can say we’re trying to use the entire space to our advantage.”

Next Folding Theatre Company present 10! 9! 8! etc., etc. | Wilser’s Room (The Capital Complex) | November 22, 23, 24, 2014 at 7:30 pm | 10$ General/5$ Students and Seniors | 19+

The Next Folding Theatre Company is dedicated to producing theatrical works created by new and emerging Canadian artists. Our mandate includes assisting playwrights by providing them with workshop productions, as well as second productions of their scripts. We also seek to create unique collaborative works each year, involving local artists from many different areas of specialization. A proudly Maritime theatre company, the NFTC is based out of Fredericton, New Brunswick. Please check our website www.nextfolding.ca for more information.

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