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Fredericton film composer Zachary Greer has just released an EP of new atmospheric music inspired by the films of John Carpenter.

Matt Carter

Over the past decade, Zachary Greer has emerged as one of the region’s most respected go-to composers for film. His Bandcamp page is packed with releases composed either for film or inspired by his work in the artform. His ability to channel emotion and mood has made him an in-demand artist in the Atlantic film community. On his latest collection, the four-track EP, Gullfire, Greer pays homage to the action and horror flicks of the 1970’s and 80’s.

“This project was just more of a fun side thing for me,” said Greer. “We had originally wanted to make a music film to go along with all the tracks, but that was during the height of the pandemic and there were just too many logistical problems. 

“I’ve been sitting on this project for over a year and half I’d say, and the whole idea just came from a couple years ago,” he said. “I was doing a John Carpenter marathon and watched Assault on Precinct 13 and Escape From New York for the first time and was like, ‘I’m gonna record some 80’s film/Carpenter inspired tracks,’ just to do something contrasting to what I was working on before. So it’s mainly just for fun.”

While there appears to be a clear connection between the EP’s creepy vibes and the Halloween season, Greer admits that although the season and the timing of this release might seem like an obvious pairing, any connection between the two is just coincidence. 

“I definitely think it has an autumn vibe just because I often like to watch those films at this time of year,” he said. “I wouldn’t say it has a Halloween feel, more of like a nighttime-action-thriller-in-the-fall feel.”

Have a listen to Gullfire and while you’re at, check out some of Greer’s other recordings available on his Bandcamp. 

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