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The Tipsy Muse Café has teamed up with several local businesses to create an interview series spotlighting local musicians and their music.  

Matt Carter

For the past year now, Rob Pinnock, a Fredericton musician, radio host and music lover, has been hosting regular vinyl nights at the Tipsy Muse Café, a business he co-owns in downtown Fredericton. Wax Wednesdays are monthly events that bring together local record lovers to share some of their favourite music with the public and to talk about why they love the music they do.

With more and more local artists now releasing their music on vinyl, Pinnock recently decided to expand the Wax Wednesday format to feature interviews with local musicians at each new event.  So now, in addition to a curated evening of music, wax enthusiasts will also have the chance to meet some of the city’s vinyl producing music makers. 

“Instead of just playing the records, which is the way most vinyl events are executed, we thought it might be more interesting and engaging to hear about some vinyl releases from the artists themselves,” said Pinnock. “Our talent, present and past, is something to be proud of, and Wax Wednesdays are just a nice way to put a unique accent on that. Plus, it forces me to do my homework!”

This new approach to the Wax Wednesday format also includes an accompanying video series. Filmmaker Tim Rayne (The Capital Project) approached Pinnock with the idea as a way to bring these unique vinyl experiences to a wider audience.

“I have actually spun records at The Muse a few times over the past year and when Rob mentioned he wanted to try something new to enhance the Wax Wednesday experience, I approached him about doing a video podcast,” said Rayne. “We did a couple of pilot episodes with Greg Webber (Kill Chicago), Colin Fowlie, and Peter Hicks (Sleepy Driver/My Black Ram) and we all agreed that we had something special going on. Since then, we have had Josh Bravener (The Hypochondriacs) and Brydon Crain (Motherhood), and their interviews will come be coming out in the weeks ahead.”

Launching today, the first Wax Wednesday Video Podcast features Fredericton musician Colin Fowlie discussing his 2019 debut release, Party Music. In his conversation with Pinnock, Fowlie shares a few insights into the creation of his debut album, a few stories from his 2019 touring as well as a few plans for the coming year.

“This is a community project,” said Rayne, “and The Muse, Insurmountable Sounds, Raynemaker Productions, Backstreet Records and Grid City Magazine are partnering to make the show happen. Everyone is volunteering their time to make it happen because we all believe in celebrating our own artists and personalities.”

The next Wax Wednesday event will take place February 26, 7 p.m. at The Tipsy Muse Café, 86 Regent Street in Fredericton.

In the meantime, follow Colin online and grab yourself a copy of his debut album, Party Music. Available at The Muse and Backstreet Records. 


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