Wax Wednesday with Peter Hicks

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The second in a series of musician interviews recorded live at the Tipsy Muse Cafe in Fredericton. This month’s guest Peter Hicks chats with Rob Pinnock about his band My Black Ram. 

Matt Carter

It’s taken a while for all of us to adjust to everything 2020 has thrown our way so far. We’re getting there.

It wasn’t long after Wax Wednesdays at the Tipsy Muse Cafe revamped their monthly format and teamed up with Raynemaker Productions to launch a video series, that the lockdown went into play and effectively put an end to hanging out and listening to records with your friends. That’s essentially the format host Rob Pinnock has structured his monthly vinyl nights around.

As part owner of the ‘Muse, Pinnock, his wife Krista and their staff have had to focus all their energy into keeping the coffee flowing these past few months.  As a result, Wax Wednesdays have gone on hiatus. Thankfully, the video series has returned.

This month’s guest is Peter Hicks of the bands My Black Ram and Sleepy Driver. Hicks has been a fixture on the Fredericton music scene for years and is recognized largely for his ability to pen catchy hooks and relatable lyrics. He’s also just a really nice guy.

A fitting post for the month of May, this month marks one year since My Black Ram held their first official practice. Four months later they made their live debut at the ‘Muse. It only makes sense that we’d share this video now.  Enjoy, and watch for future episodes arriving sooner than later.  

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