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Pull It In Drive is the latest in a stream of new videos from Fredericton bluesman Richie Young. 

Matt Carter

It would seem Richie Young has yet to leave his home studio since the arrival of COVID-19 way back in March. Over the past six+ months, Young has remained incredibly active, hosting live performances from his practice space and releasing a string of delightfully unusual music videos.  His experiments in both solo music making and green screen fun have resulted in nearly a dozen trippy visual accompaniments to recent songs, most of which appear on his album, Off The Floor, released in May of this year.

Last week Young shared his latest visual creation. With just about every trick in the book on full display – Young has become a master of superimposing himself over all types of visual content from fighting dinosaurs to bank lobbies with occasional glimpse into his studio/apartment –  his video for the new song, Pull It In Drive, is a much a true DIY effort as it is an on-the-nose work of indie theatre.

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