Video: Into the Neon Night (TheLeftovers)

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The new video from Sussex-based instrumental trio TheLeftovers plays out like a mini thriller…in a bowling alley.

Matt Carter

Ever get that feeling of being out of place in a bowling alley? Like everyone is throwing strikes and you’re all gutter balls? Like everyone’s watching you fail? OK. Maybe that’s just me. But even still, we can probably all agree how bowling alleys evoke a sense of nostalgia. Like a nod to the past in the vein of drive-in theatre or poorly maintained campground amusement parks. But the attraction remains, doesn’t it? And the sensory throwback is palpable, making locations like this the perfect setting for a horror flick, the beginning of a sci-fi novel, or in this case, a music video. 

With the release of their first music video, Sussex-based instrumental trio TheLeftovers together with filmmaker Taylor Pennell, capture all the mystery and sentimentality we associate with bowling alleys and claim the environment for their own. Using their hometown’s Corner Lanes & Entertainment as a setting for the video, Into the Neon Night plays out like a mini thriller featuring local photographer turned actor Sam Kaminsky trapped in a nostalgic void. It’s a fun watch and a perfect pairing of sound and visuals. 

Into the Neon Light appears on the band’s 2023 debut release, Among Us

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