Video: A Fool’s Fate (Run The River)

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A 2011 short film becomes the backdrop for Run The River’s latest music video.

Long before Run the River started strumming out their first tunes, vocalist/guitarist Joel Thompson wrote and directed a short film about anxiety and mental illness. Box Face went on to win two awards at the 2011 Silverwave Film Festival receiving nominations in three others calagories including Most Unique New Brunswick Film.

More than a decade later, Box Face has found a second life as the backdrop for A Fool’s Fate, a song taken from the band’s 2021 debut, The Shiftwork EP.

In a release announcing the video, the band explain:

The song and video deal with Joel’s personal struggle with mental illness, specifically ongoing panic attacks, anxiety and depression. It’s often a struggle that can make you feel alone and trapped. This is represented by a character we have lovingly named “Boxface”. It gives a quick glimpse into the life of someone struggling with what often goes unseen by the outside world, a battle in the mind. The song and video both end with statements of acceptance “I’ll make it right, I’ll call him friend”. Learning to call yourself friend and not treat yourself like the enemy is to truly love yourself. Even while living with mental illness, a person can be happy and fulfilled.

Watch the full short film below.


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