Two exhibitions open at CSAC later this month

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A new season of exhibitions at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre opens January 25.

Matt Carter 

Fredericton-based illustrator and designer Yousef Hussain will make their debut at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre’s Penny Gallery this month with the exhibition, Untitled Dialogue

“Since moving to Fredericton, I’ve noticed the strong sense of community here and it has inspired me to re-examine the purpose of my art,” said Hussain. ”I’ve begun to shift my artistic practice from creating art solely for myself, to creating art that resonates with the community. This exhibition is a first step in that direction.”

Hussain’s work for this exhibition features several images that resemble modern graphic novels depicted through a variety of textures and colours. Embracing collaboration with the viewer, Hussain’s exhibition of digitally created works will invite the audience to name specific pieces in the show based on their own interpretations of the work.  

Untitled Dialogue will include the necessary tools for viewers to add their own titles to many of the pieces on display, furthering the exhibition’s collaborative dialogue by allowing others to read and reflect on the suggestions shared by others. 

By inviting direct participation with his collection of images, Hussain hopes to bridge the divide that can often exist between an artist and their audience.  

“By inviting visitors to contribute their own interpretations, I hope to foster a sense of connection and community through art. It’s not just about the finished product, but about the process of creating it together,” they said.

Untitled Dialogue will open alongside I Am Here – Postcards from the Edge, an exhibition of photos and poetry co-curated by Solo Chicken Productions and the River Stone Recovery Centre which opened at the Fredericton Public Library in the fall. Both exhibitions will be on display from January 25 – March 11. 

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