Theatre UNB presents Tough!

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Theatre UNB’s latest production is on stage this week with performances March 17-19 at Memorial Hall.

Part drama, part comedy, Tough! is a play by one of Canada’s most celebrated playwrights that depicts three teens on the margins all trying to make the fraught transition to adulthood.

Tina asks her boyfriend, Bobby, to meet her in the park because she needs to talk to him about something big, bringing along her best friend, Jill, as back-up. Little do they know that Bobby has plans to break up with Tina… that is, until Tina reveals that she’s pregnant! Tough! 

Produced and directed by UNB Drama students Emily Darling and Joshua Burke as a fourth-year thesis production, Tough! stars Brenna Gauthier, Chris Rogers, and Julianne Richard.

The play will be performed nightly from Thursday, March 17 through Saturday, March 19 at 7:30 p.m. at Memorial Hall, UNB.

Tickets ($14 regular, $10 senior/underemployed, and $8 for students) are available at the door. For more information visit Theatre UNB on Facebook, phone 447-3078 or Patrons are advised that UNB remains under a mandatory mask mandate at this time.

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