Theatre UNB Presents Mad Forest by Caryl Churchill

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Theatre UNB celebrates the human spirit and the rich culture and history of Romania with upcoming production, April 4-7 at Memorial Hall, UNB.

Mad Forest is a powerful and moving drama that depicts events before, during, and after the violent and chaotic revolution that overthrew the Communist regime in Romania in December, 1989. Combining verbatim first-person accounts with the intertwined narratives of two families connected by a pair of marriages, the play examines Romania’s tumultuous journey from repression toward freedom, and then into disillusion, as a universal tale of the idealistic hopes, but often messy results, of revolution. Mad Forest is a celebration of the human spirit and the rich culture and history of Romania filled with dark comedy, lovers’ quarrels, barroom brawls, music, song and dance, and the occasional ghost and vampire. 

Mad Forest is directed by Len Falkenstein, with production design by Trent Logan, and features a cast of eighteen students from UNB’s Drama 2175 and 3175 performance classes.

The play will be performed Thursday, April 4 through Sunday, April 7, 7:30 PM nightly, at Memorial Hall, UNB. Tickets ($15 regular, $12 senior/underemployed, $10 for students) will be available at the door. For more information, email,  call 506 447-3078, or visit

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