The Beaverbrook Art Gallery’s Studio Watch Series Returns

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The Beaverbrook Art Gallery is calling for submissions for the Studio Watch 2023: Emerging Artist Exhibition. 

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery has announced plans to revive its Studio Watch Series. This behind the scenes series provides New Brunswick artists in the early stages of their career with the opportunity for a solo exhibition, the publication of an exhibition brochure, and the purchase of a work of art for the permanent collection of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.  

Studio Watch 2023: Emerging Artist Exhibition will be held at the Beaverbrook Art  Gallery from October 21, 2023 to June 2024. 

To be eligible, interested artists must reside and produce art in New Brunswick. Consideration will also be  given to New Brunswick residents who are attending higher education programs or conducting temporary projects outside of the province. Artists must have at least three years experience in making art and have not yet had a solo exhibition in a major public gallery or museum. Finally, artists interested in applying for Studio Watch 2023 must also have a body of work ready to exhibit in October 2023.

Each submission package must contain an artist CV, an artist statement of 450 words and five digital image samples of artwork. Applications can be submitted electronically to:

Deadline for Applications in May 1, 2023 

The Curator of the Studio Watch 2023: Emerging Artist Exhibition is Tom Smart,  Director and CEO, Beaverbrook Art Gallery. 

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