Stellaleona Shares a Pair of New Tracks

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Saint John musician Lindsay Hazen continues to tease upcoming full-length album with the release of the single Moonless and its uptempo B-side, Cruising. 

Matt Carter

As Stellaleona, Saint John-based artist Lindsay Hazen has been churning out some incredible avant-pop sounds over the past year or so. Mixing melody with intricate works of sound collage, Hazen creates beautifully textured palettes to support vocal phrases that more often than not, challenge the conventional parameters of pop music.  

This month welcomed the release of Moonless, the second single from the forthcoming full-length Chokecherry, tentatively scheduled for a fall release.

Built around a simple looped melody line, Moonless finds Hazen singing in a round to recreate the feeling of staring out into the ocean, “feeling like all your thoughts and problems are being swallowed by the tides; feeling the endless way the ocean blends seamlessly into the black velvet sky.”

“My relationship with the moon, in grand tradition, is a metaphor for my mental health, but speaks very literally to the way ‘something in the water’ on the Bay feels different,” said Hazen. “It feels like home, like comfort, like space, like happiness. That only my own mind and my own fears can be the barrier to feeling whole as a queer person in New Brunswick.”

The single’s B-side offers up a strong contrast. Cruising moves along at a quicker pace with programmed beats and cheerful string arrangements that follow Hazen’s dauntless vocal work with ease.

Stellaleona’s full-length debut album Chokecherry is scheduled for release this fall. 


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