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Fredericton’s Spearhead Theatre hopes to build on first season momentum with three shows hitting the stage in 2020.

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It’s not an easy task, starting a theatre company. Especially with little in the way of a budget and no staff to delegate the endless stream of tasks involved in producing a play for the stage. But after a year in the trenches, Spearhead Theatre founder Kelly McAllister is already bursting with excitement for the year ahead.

Last month Spearhead shared plans for its second season, one that will feature two Fredericton productions, an appearance at the Halifax Fringe Festival and more workshops.

“So far, luckily, myself and Spearhead Theatre have been welcomed with open arms into Fredericton’s community,” said McAllister. “Without all of our fans and supporters, Spearhead Theatre would still be this big ‘what if?’ in my mind.”

The company’s season of performances begins in May with a production of the Canadian comedy, The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine by Robert Morgan, Martha Ross, and Leah Cherniak.

“This story is both hilarious and super relatable for anyone who has had unrealistic ideas about the person with whom they were in a relationship,” said McAllister.

The play debuted in Toronto in 1987 and is now regarded by many to be a classic Canadian comedy.

The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine will run May 13-16 at the Open Space Theatre.

In September, Spearhead will produce Miss Julie by August Strindberg, adapted by Tilly Jackson and Kelly McAllister, and directed by Tilly Jackson. The play was written in 1888 and touches on themes of class, desire and family, and will be part of the 30th annual Halifax Fringe Festival.

And in the fall, Spearhead will produce A Real Boy by McKenna James Boeckner.

“As a contemporary rewrite of Pinocchio, my project explores what it means to be a ‘real boy’ in a community focused on ‘recuperative male politics,’ or obstinate and opposite reactions to changing gender roles, often expressed in homophobic anti-feminist essentialist understandings of masculinity,” said Boeckner.

The company’s Sunday Service Series of workshops will begin its second season on June 14 with a workshop in creative movement led by Joanna Bryson and Sarah Power of Connection Dance Works. And Solo Chicken Productions’ Lisa Anne Ross will present Spearhead’s second season workshop in September exploring the art of Clown. 


Auditions for specific roles in The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine and Miss Julie will be held in room 111 at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre on March 13th-14th. Please email headshots and resumes to submissions@spearheadtheatre.com. Stay tuned to our social media accounts as more details are unveiled and tickets become available.


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