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Approaches features contributions from 11 electronic/experimental artists, many with their own unique ties to New Brunswick.

Matt Carter

Launched in 2016 by Fredericton musician/podcaster Eric Hill (who performs as Counting On Downstairs), Patient Records is a boutique, small-run label specializing in music often referred to as experimental, avant-garde or just plain weird – sounds far removed from the familiar pop/rock structures we know all too well.

Since first surfacing in 2016 with the release of the Counting On Downstairs album Carleton, Hill has created a welcoming home for many artists whose music may otherwise flounder amidst the countless releases from similar artists to surface online each and every week. The label’s catalogue now includes releases from Sans Solace, Union Suit, Gaudemus, and Ocean Charter of Values with more on the way. Highly curated and equally engaging, Patient Records holds a unique place among the province’s many music makers and supporters.

This week Patient Records will release its first compilation. The aptly titled Approaches draws together a wide range of musicians writing and performing outside the norm.  The 11-track album features contributions from several established electronic acts and musicians like Wangled Teb, Denmother, Starving Ghosts, Property// and Jaguar Knight, as well as tracks from a few lesser known (but no less prolific) artists like Void Ant, Dry Tear and Women of the Pore among others.

Approaches also features music by Fredericton-based composer Professor Undressor, known to some fans of New Brunswick blues and indie rock through his remixes of songs by Hot Toddy and The Slate Pacific.

Fredericton-born, Toronto-based musician Greg Harrison has also contributed a track from his solo project, grej. Over the past year, grej has received national attention for two albums of work composed for theatre and dance productions.

There’s definitely lots to look forward to on this release. Keep your ears open!

Approaches will be officially released August 3, 2018.

Track Listing:

Wangled Teb – Dark Place v1
Dry Tear – Airer
Proffessor Undressor – Loop Solo
Void Ant – Engage
Starving Ghosts – UrbanAcadianSummerBlues
DenMother – That’s All
Property// – Circle of Mirrors
Rites of Goetia – La Rose de Fer
Trophy Wife – Track of You
Jaguar Knight – First In Last Out
Women of the Pore – Now We Are Everything
Counting on Downstairs – Unturnt
Zeit – Nightbirds (Movement 1a)
grej – Glass Houses H 5.0

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