Owen Steel shares new single and vinyl fundraiser

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Owen Steel has a new album in the works. Small Dog is the third single from Combe, due out in June. 

Matt Carter

Combe, the forthcoming album from St. Andrews’ singer songwriter Owen Steel, is shaping up to be his most imaginative project yet. Produced and performed by Steel and longtime friend Keith Hallett (who also handled recording duties at his Never Nuthin’ studio in Fredericton), Combe includes performances by a wide range of Maritime musicians including saxophonist Joel Miller, drummers Adam Sipkema (Motherhood) and Stefan Westner (Marian/Graeme Kennedy & Radiator), Peter Rioux, Penelope Stevens, and others. 

This week, Steel released the new single and video for Small Dog, filmed in Uptown Saint John by Josh Hooper.

Small Dog is classic Steel – folk inspired and a little bit twisted. The addition of Hallett’s guitar takes Steel’s familiar wonk into new territory adding a welcomed, off kiltered stagger to the song’s meandering pace. 

“The dance to Keith’s tarantula toned guitar solo, tells the real story behind Small Dog,” says Steel. “It’s not actually a happy walk around the block with a cute, little puppy. It’s a mauling memory and internal noise that you can’t escape from no matter how you maneuver. Small Dog = Big Problem.”

Along with the new single, Steel has announced an Indiegogo campaign in support of the album’s vinyl release. Check that out here. Pre-orders (without the additional perks) can also be made through Bandcamp


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