Our 5 Favourite Things About Every Silver Wave Film Festival

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With the 22nd edition of the Silver Wave Film Festival hitting city screens and devices this week, we thought we would share some of the many things that make New Brunswick’s premier film festival a treat for the senses. 

Matt Carter 

The Silver Wave Film Festival happens November 3-10 with in-person screenings November 3-6 and virtual viewing running throughout the entire event. 

To help get you geared up for another run of fascinating films, we thought we would share some of the many things that make New Brunswick’s premier film festival a treat for the senses. 

Here they are in no particular order:

Shock: Me at every Silver Wave Film Festival: “Oh cool. I know that person. Hey! I know them too. I didn’t know they acted. When did they find time to be in a movie? Hey! I’ve been there. I know where that is. Someone local made this? Wow. Etc….

Big Production Meets Mobile Made: Silver Wave Film Festival organizers do a great job putting together a lineup that pairs pro-level filmmaking with first time cinematic experiments.  You see it all at Silver Wave and that’s a big part of what makes this annual event so special. It’s not about inflating egos and placing the bar out of reach. It’s encouraging and inspiring. Every time.

Diversity in Programming: Silver Wave Film Festival shows it all. Full length features, two minute shorts, and everything in between. Name a genre and chances are it’s on the list for 2022. SWFF has become known throughout the region as a place for films of all shapes and sizes to be celebrated in equal measure. 

Shorts! Shorts! Shorts!: Short films are the backbone of each Silver Wave Film Festival. Short films from home, across the country, and around the world make their way to Silver Wave Film Festival screens each year providing an entertaining look at topics, themes and countless approaches to telling a story on screen. Shorts rule the roost, and this year’s lineup is full of them.

The Mystery of it All: Silver Wave Film Festival has been doing its thing for more than twenty years. And they do it their way, every year. Each year there is next to no public teasers, hints, or early reveals of what’s on tap in the months leading up to the festival. For other events, this could spell disaster, but not SWFF. Each year organizers keep film lovers waiting right up until the last minute, often until just a week or two before the event to announce the lineup. But still, somehow, some way, SWFF events always draw a sizable audience. How do they do it? How do they make it happen with such little lead time? That’s part of the magic, and another reason to get out and enjoy some films this week. 

Visit swfilmfest.com for a complete rundown of this year’s lineup. And be sure to check out the festival’s YouTUbe channel where you can find dozens of trailers for many of the films on offer this year. 

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