New Work on Display at Gallery 78

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Works by Cathy Ross, Susan Patterson, Réjean Roy and Robin Turner are now on display at Gallery 78 until November 23. 

Silver, Lace, and Eggs by Susan Paterson (oil on board, 20.5 x 30.75 in.)

Immerse yourself in three stunning new exhibitions on display until November 23 at Gallery 78. High realist painters Cathy Ross and Susan Paterson converge precision and detail with impeccable beauty and nostalgia in Still; arrangements of items, from silverware to a collection of letters, are brought to life by the graceful touch of these artists.

Réjean Roy brings us into his universe of landscapes and breathtaking views in Where the Paddle Brings Me. Climb aboard his trusted canoe to discover the Bay of Fundy and other picturesque sites through his eyes, revelling in the beauty of the region during the summer months.

Robin Turner, Jewellery/Metal Arts graduate and Best in Show winner from the NBCCD, shines in her first solo exhibition since graduating in 2017 and invites us into a world of floral imagery, lustrous colours, and ornate details in her brooches.

These exhibitions will be on display until Saturday, November 23, 2019. 

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