New Music from Zachary Greer, Tactus and Querious

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Matt Carter

Zachary Greer – Fighter (OST)

Zachary Greer has certainly earned his place among Canadian film composers. Over the past few years Greer has shared a number of compositions through his Bandcamp page, each a masterclass in mood, texture and emotion. 

On his latest release, a three track EP featuring tracks written and recorded for the Meagan Brown documentary Fighter, Greer brings subtle tension to the forefront of each track while building an impressive structure that arcs with a standalone storyline all its own.    

This EP is available now for $5 with all proceeds going to support the Canadian Fallen Firefighters’ Association.

Tactus – T II Remixes

A pair of progressive metal remixes? Sure. Why not? From the outside looking in, the thought of giving metal music the DJ treatment couldn’t be less appealing. That said, both tracks on this EP offer interpretations that defy expectation and perhaps on a deeper level, serve to showcase the band’s music on a completely different plane that originally intended. Of the two tracks, the biggest standout is Fade (Tactical Bootcat Mix). This version of the song takes the vocal lines – both the melodic and the extreme – and gives them a total pop treatment. It’s a move that highlights the versatility of the band’s songwriting and serves to present the growling vocal delivery of extreme metal in a new light. The string arrangements that appear on the original version of this song remain in place here as well, where they find equal comfort. Definitely worth a listen. Hint: For a real treat (and some perspective), check out the original tracks first Ass Glatlas and Fade before diving into these. 

Querious – Would You Notice? 

I’m a big fan of experimental/noise recordings. I find them relaxing, meditative and just plain interesting. It’s a genre that if done right, can be as fulfilling as an afternoon spent in an art gallery or a museum. This release is a collection of live recordings, which add an additional level of “experiment” to an already unclassified genre. By removing the ability to edit and fine-tune these compositions beyond what can be accomplished on the fly, Querious (hue/you) have captured a very raw collection of manipulated sound and in doing so, reach beyond  the usual format for experimental/noise music and offer the listener an alternative to alternative music’s true alternative. 🙂

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