Midweek Music Mix: Spotlighting New Releases from New Brunswick Artists

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This week in the Midweek Music Mix we look at the latest releases from Ryan Merritt, Women of the Pore and Brandon M.C. 

Matt Carter

Ryan Merritt – Acidist

This collection of tracks is the culmination of a year’s worth of writing by Fredericton electronic composer and musician Ryan Merritt. Drawing heavily upon the classic 80’s synth palette with all the claps, high frequency snare hits and tightly packed kick drums, Acidist conjures up nostalgic images of neon scarves, leg warmers and exercise videos playing on the TV screen. With few exceptions, each of the seven tracks presented on Acidist begin with a melodic phrase that is then twisted and pulled apart and it’s this process of deconstruction and reconstruction that gives this album its character, making it less of a tribute piece and more of a thorough examination of early moments in synth-pop’s lineage. 

Women of the Pore – Old Testament

Women of the Pore excel at creating dark, moody sound collages rich in unsettling atmospheres. In the same way you can stare at a Jackson Pollack and wonder, “wow, what was he thinking?” and “wow, how did he do that?” simultaneously, Women of the Pore deflect any and all of the conventional parametres often associated with the understanding of music. The results – this album, past albums, and the constant outpouring to new singles that appear online every week – act as continued reminders that music is infinite and something contained only by the rules we place upon it. Women of the Pore are easily one of the most important forces in New Brunswick sound creation today and Old Testament is a true testament to this bold statement. 

Brandon M.C. – Nothing Compares to You/Pastoral Scene 

Releasing music into the world these days is very much an act of courage. Any artist who chooses to document their work and then put it out there for anyone and everyone to freely access and critique must possess a certain degree of confidence and integrity. Fredericton musician Brandon M.C. began releasing music in August. His debut release was 10 songs deep and his second, 12 songs. That’s ambitious. But despite the extreme low-fi sound quality coupled with vague tuning and occasional rhythmic issues, the progress is obvious. From Experiment 1 through until this release (24 songs in total), you can hear this musician getting comfortable with the best forms and structures to carry his work forward at that is something worth applauding.

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