Midweek Music Mix: Spotlighting New Releases from New Brunswick Artists

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This week we look at the latest releases from The Motorleague, Go, Homeboy! and Wolf Castle. 

Matt Carter

The Motorleague – Like You Were Alive 

The Motorleague can pen a solid anthem. Often firing straight down the middle, touching on all the elements that make good old fashioned rock music work – steady tempos, solid unwavering rhythms, in-your-face vocals and guitars that go to eleven (when needed) – the band have proven themselves expert writers and performers time and time again. Like You Were Alive finds the band continuing to hold their own while putting a new coat of polish on their already gleaming songwriting chops.  They’re not out to reinvent rock and roll, but over the past decade it’s fair to say they’ve claimed a small piece of it as their own. Like You Were Alive is proof. 

Go, Homeboy! – A Beautiful Thing (featuring Brooke Burns) 

Woah! Here’s something new. Go, Homeboy!, (Matt Walls) started releasing music back at the top of the year. His appropriately titled second single, A Beautiful Thing, is just that. With a smooth musical delivery that teams looped banjo with a simple drum pattern, a guest appearance by New Brunswick singer Brooke Burns (formerly of Hum & Hollow), and Walls’ incredibly complex lyrical layering, this second single from Go, Homeboy! occupies a unique space among New Brunswick hip hop music makers and is definitely worth a listen. 

Wolf Castle – N3XT LIF3 // NEXT LIFE

The latest EP from Pabineau First Nation rapper Wolf Castle (Tristan Grant) is a drastic change from his 2018 coming-of-age, sophomore full-length, Rezurbia.  Like on his previous release, Grant again offers up a range of tempos and styles of delivery, something that has become part of each new Wolf Castle offering. But the innocence and heart-on-his-sleeve sincerity that defined his last record is less overt this time around, replaced by a sense of direct urgency (and possibly a touch of anger) that wasn’t as obvious on previous releases. As a result, N3XT LIF3 // NEXT LIFE, is a bit edgier and harder hitting. And with the increased production values that support these five tracks, Wolf Castle is taking things forward into the unknown.

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