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Spotlighting new releases from New Brunswick artists. This week we look at new music from FAXES, Honey Gut and Nurture/Nurture. 

Matt Carter

FAXES – Black Candles

FAXES is a project by Dave D., one half of the dark noise experimental duo Zeit. Described as black ambient, Black Candles includes four tracks that conjure up images of 80s horror flicks and out-there, low budget sci-fi. If understood as pairs (track one resolves into track two and track three concludes with track four), this EP proves that darkness is inescapable and will always prevail. Even the brighter moments retain a sense of foreboding. Phenomenally eerie.

Honey Gut – Unsung Hero

After releasing twelve singles as part of Project 45, an ambitious single-a-month project that introduced Honey Gut as a genre defying creative outlet for musicians Ollie LeBlanc and Josh Sangster, the duo return with their first new music since August 2017’s Project 45 – Volume 12. This time around the two are joined by drummer Kris Campbell for the track Unsung, a song dedicated to the New Brunswick paramedics. Don’t let the subject matter fool you. It’s catchy as all get out. “I know people that help other people…”

Nurture/Nurture – Nocturnal Panic

According to the notes on this 10-track album, Saint John musician Jeff Cook wrote, recorded and produced this little emo gem all in one month as part of the RPM Challenge. A blend of emo, math rock and thoughtful lyricism, Nocturnal Panic is a fun listen full of highly enjoyable twists and turns, starts and stops. The elephant in the room here, this guy needs a fucking band. Maybe he already has one? I’d love to hear this stuff live. 

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