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Spotlighting new releases from New Brunswick artists. This week we look at new music from DenMother, White VHS and Bill Bones (aka Sam Salmon aka Brydon Crain). 

Matt Carter 

Denmother – Love Portion

DenMother (aka  Sabarah Pilon) surprised fans last week with the release of a new EP on Valentine’s Day. In just three short tracks, Love Portion highlights Pilon’s strength as a songwriter, composer and arranger, mixing clever percussion with simple melodies to create three very distinct tracks of dense electronic music. No formulas. No gimmicks. Stunning.

White VHS – Adjust The VCR Tracking for the Clearest Picture

Saint John producer Hayden White has released a new album with his project White VHS. Nine tracks steeped in melancholy, full of cascading synths, percussion loops and honest songs about love, loss, being alone and emotionally low. Despite the album’s theme, Adjust The VCR Tracking for the Clearest Picture is an enjoyable listen front to back. One of the best sounding ‘bedroom’ albums to surface in a while.

Bill Bones (Sam Salmon/Brydon Crain) – Heartfake Fauxtel 

Brydon Crain is Sam Salmon and Sam Salmon is definitely Brydon Crain. He’s far out. He’s far out, but not so far out there that he leaves us behind. Crain works in hidden narratives and curiosities and always seems to be sharing something greater than what’s presented on the surface. Whether it’s with his folkier Sam Salmon material, his main gig as one third of Fredericton art rockers Motherhood, or with something even more obscure like this release – a 16 minute collage of 60s pop song eccentricities, Crain brings a depth of creativity few others will ever achieve.

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