Kill Chicago sum it up nicely with Dear John

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The band’s latest video and single Dear John effectively sums up what being in a band is all about. 

Matt Carter

Kill Chicago have got it figured out. Four guys, all lifelong musicians who probably at one time had dreams of becoming rock stars and touring the world but realized the futility of such a fantasy early enough to save their hides from riff-induced poverty. Instead, they were all smart enough to go to school, find a career focus and keep music as their creative outlet, their stress reliever, and most importantly, a way to maintain their friendships. I bet they laugh a lot too, but that’s just a guess. 

If you find yourself questioning any of the points I’ve just made about the important space Greg Webber, Zach Atkinson, Matt Bowie and Dillon Anthony have created for each other, the video for the band’s latest single Dear John is all the proof you need. It’s a very funny take on just how important a commitment being in a band can be. Afterall, being in a band isn’t something you can do if you’re not in it for the good of all involved. When all else is going well, the worst thing you could do is be late for practice.  

In this latest video beautifully shot and edited by the amazing team at STRIKE Pictures, the members of Kill Chicago mix all their humour and individual personalities into a quick story about what it means to be committed, not just to the music, but to each other. 

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