Jon Mckiel + Julie Doiron + Construction & Deconstruction Announce Tour

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Jon Mckiel, Julie Doiron and Construction & Deconstruction are teaming up for a series of shows beginning at The Caveau in Moncton on March 9.

After a busy 2017 that brought new releases from Jon Mckiel, Julie Doiron and Construction & Deconstruction, all three acts are teaming up for a series of dates throughout the Maritimes beginning at The Caveau in Moncton on March 9.

Last year Doiron released the EP Canta En Español Vol. II and a full-length album with Julie & The Wrong Guys, while Construction & Deconstruction, the duo of Colleen Collins and David Trenaman continued their exploration of avant-indie sounds with their sixth full-length release, Noli Timere.

With the release of Memorial Ten Count (You’ve Changed Records) in March of 2017, Mckiel spent much of the year touring with a four-piece band that included Jay Crocker and Shawn Dicey of JOYFULTALK and drummer Aaron Mangle of Cousins.

The upcoming tour will allow Mckiel the opportunity to revisit some of his earlier work and an exciting new trio.

I’ve been mostly playing with the band,” said Mckiel. “Memorial Ten Count is a band recording so I need to have that band to represent the record with any accuracy. We use the same amps, and it’s a live recording, so it’s fun to be able to recreate that sound with ease, or fuck with it. It’s just worked in and comfortable with those guys who are all accomplished and incredible musicians and people.

“The solo thing though, it’s always there and I do still write all the songs and play like that here and there live.  It doesn’t seem like I’m stepping back into solo material when I play that way so much as just playing. For this trip though, and because of the ease of gathering humans for practice, we’ve put together a special band with Julie D on the drums and  ‘downtown’ Scott Brown on the bass.  The rehearsals have been really great and we’ve eaten a lot of potato chips while our kids play or fight with each other.

“We might have a tour tape up our sleeve though, but certainly no promises on that,” said Mckiel.

While it won’t be the first time these three acts have shared the stage, Mckiel is no less excited to get out and plays some shows with friends and musicians he holds in high regard.

“Julie’s music has been present in my life since I was 15 years old, and Eric’s Trip meant a lot to me,” he said. “Coming from this area, it was important to see a band from Moncton blowing up like that. Their music, Rick’s music and Julie’s solo records have since become soundtracks to many of our lives, like nationally and internationally, so it’s always a huge pleasure to tour and play music with one of the greats.  When I listen to Woke Myself Up  or Coke Machine Glow and how beautiful those songs she and Gord [Downie] sang, I can’t believe she’s drumming, but I can’t think about that too much because I’ll miss it – or mess up.

“Construction and Destruction, aka Colleen and Dave, are on another level all-together,” said Mckiel. “They’re one of the only original bands I’ve ever seen, the authenticity alone will slay you.  Anyone who’s been to The Quarantine (aka their home studio) or knows them, knows the magic I’m talking about.  They epitomize kindness and openness. Spiritually and musically, they are in their prime, and are only getting better, somehow distilling an already unimaginably unique approach with great tact and beauty.  It is always my pleasure to hang out and play with all of these great folks.”

Tour Dates:

03/09 Moncton, NB | Le Caveau 
03/10 Saint John, NB | Taco Pica*
03/23 Parkindale, NB | Parkindale Hall 
03/24 Charlottetown, PEI | Sportsmans 
03/30 Halifax, NS | Radstorm 
03/31 Petite Riviere, NS | Petite Riviere Vinyards 
04/06 Sackville, NB | Thunder & Lightning
04/07 Fredericton, NB | The Capital**
* w/o Julie Doiron
** w/ Motherhood

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