Gallery 78 Opens Exhibitions by Richard Montpetit and Jessie Babin

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In addition to this month’s marquee exhibitions, Gallery 78 also welcomes new additions by Nancy Morin, Cathy Ross, Bruno and Molly Bobak, and others. 

Effet de pluie by Richard Montpetit • oil on canvas/huile sur toile, framed

As September marks many changes, Gallery 78 begins its fall season by inviting you to immerse yourself in oil paintings by Richard Montpetit and  surrealist graphite and ink drawings by Jessie Babin. 

Au fil des saisons by Richard Montpetit

In Richard Montpetit’s newest solo exhibition, the Québec native represents his interest in the variation of light through day, night, and the passing of seasons. In bustling street scenes, pedestrians and vehicles share space with the blowing snow and ice of winter, as well as the abundance of flora spilling over balconies in the warmer months. Away from urban spaces, the viewer is overwhelmed by the vastness of nature that surrounds them throughout the year. 

Exploring the streets of Montréal, the glorious landscapes along the St. Lawrence, the Eastern Townships and concluding his tour along the New Brunswick coast, this pilgrimage in colour with the artist’s unique style combine to create treasures of a by-gone era.

Discover Richard’s exhibition here!

Figures and Portraits:New Possibilities in Drawing through A.I. and Robotics by Jessie Babin

Levitating by Jessie Babin • graphite and ink on paper, framed

Jessie Babin’s solo exhibition, explores the challenging intersection between fine art and new technologies. In this body of work, rather than photographing models, Jessie Babin used artificial intelligence to create visual references. Even though the figures in her drawings may appear realistic, none of them truly exist as actual people.

These exhibitions and several new additions to the gallery open to the public on Friday, September 8 with a reception from 5-7 p.m. These exhibitions will be on display until September 30, 2023.

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