Fredericton DJ/Producer Frank Mack featured on new Montreal rap single

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Frank Mack, the artist behind the The Cap’s hip hop open mic and many other local rap projects, is featured on latest single by Montreal hip hop duo, Mr. Severe and JoDolo.

Matt Carter

There is no certainty in the music business. Artists simply do what they do and occasionally good things happen, connections are made, and new opportunities present themselves. That might be an oversimplification, but it’s not too far off from how the independent music industry functions. It’s a game of chance. And that’s basically how Fredericton DJ Frank Mack (Jordan Francis McLaughlin) ended up contributing beats to the latest single by Montreal hip hop duo Mr. Severe and JoDolo. During a 2022 studio session, producers Anthony Bailey and Young Dreadz reached out to their network in search of new sounds. That’s when McLaughlin got the call. 

“I can’t remember how and when I started chopping it up with Anthony, but we’ve been bouncing tracks back and forth with each other for a few years now,” said McLaughlin. “Sometime late last year he hit me up saying he was in the studio with the guys and needed beats. I sent over a pack and maybe a week later he sent back three finished songs, one of which turned out to be Drug Music.”

Drug Music was released on March 3 with an accompanying video shot, directed, and edited by Daniel-Julien Inacio K. 

Listen to Drug Music on Spotify and Apple Music

Cover photo: Frank Mack performing with Monark at The Cap during Shivering Songs 2023 by Matt Carter.

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