FAA Artist Residencies Continue with Writer Matthew Gwathmey

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Fredericton Arts Alliance’s artists in residence will not be working in the Garrison District casemates this year but will instead be sharing their work through social media. 

Matthew Gwathmey will write and virtually perform a series of poems during his residency. He plans on writing new poems that deal with the theme of COVID-19, both directly and indirectly. Gwathmey is a PhD candidate at UNB. His first poetry collection, Our Latest in Folktales, was published in 2019.

He will use quarantine as a springboard to read and write poems on topics such as “the act of walking”, “sickness”, and “outer space.” He will also encourage discussion and audience questions during virtual poetry readings.

Gwathmey’s live and recorded poetry readings will be uploaded to the Fredericton Arts Alliance’s social media pages, Fredericton Arts Alliance Facebook page, @FrederictonArts on Twitter, and @fredartsalliance on Instagram.


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