DenMother shares new single, Holy

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A devotional to spiritual lust, a cracking open and a manifestation, DenMother’s latest single marks a new beginning.  

Matt Carter 

Sabarah Pilon is constantly in motion. Known to many as the Fredericton-based electronic music producer DenMother, Pilon has spent the past decade or so reinventing and refining her approach to making music with just a microphone and a laptop computer. Guided largely by raw emotion and her unwavering curiosity for the infinite amount of ways music can inspire, heal, and transform both its creator and its audience, Pilon, as they say, is an interesting follow.

Following a pair of singles released earlier this fall, Pilon announced she was considering a shift in how she releases music and where that music will be available.

“I’m going to release new music and I think I’m going to do it as I want to, as I feel like it. Not as an album,” said Pilon in a recent video post on Instagram. “Sorry for the spam.”

The post also mentioned a potential move away from releasing music through Bandcamp somewhere down the line.

The following day Pilon released, Holy, the third DenMother single of the fall and quite possibly one of her most concise to date. And that is saying something for an artist who has, since 2016, released a total of seventeen singles, EPs, and full albums worth of material. 

Following a minimalist approach, with well placed rhythmic layers that find complement in their subtleties, Holy builds slowly and steadily above a defining beat reinforced by an ominous drone and a samba-like bell pattern. Pilon sums this one up as “a devotional to spiritual lust, a cracking open and a manifestation.” 

Holy was released December 8, 2023

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