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DenMother (Sabarah Pilon) explores love, loss and hope through her latest video/single, Is It Greener?

Matt Carter


Sabarah Pilon has always struggled to describe the music she makes. Comprised of layered vocal lines that rest above a heavy palette of synth and drums, her work is heavily textured, abstract in its composition and free in its structure. Although she’s fine with calling it electronic, Pilon prefers her listeners to draw their own conclusions. One thing is for sure: each of her songs is an experience unto itself; a wash of intentional moods and at times, wrenching emotion.  

Across seven albums and EPs and a handful of singles, Pilon has remained largely independent, writing, recording, producing and releasing everything DenMother puts out. Even her videos – with few exceptions – have been made independently. But for her latest video, Pilon breaks form ever so slightly, enlisting the help of videographer Jordan Anthony Greer to create a visually stunning accompaniment to her new single, Is It Greener?

Filmed on location at King’s Landing Historical Settlement, just a short drive from Fredericton, Is It Greener? adopts the look and feel of a mid-nineteenth century love story where tragedy sparks new beginnings.

“I’m a firm believer in meeting people in this lifetime that you’ve already met and will meet again,” said Pilon, speaking with CBC’s Vanessa Vander Valk. “[I believe] people that you meet in your life are here to teach you specific lessons, so someone that I may feel a very strong connection to ultimately may be the one to teach me that I’m OK to be alone.

“I have to give credit to Jordon [Anthony Greer] who was the producer/director of the video,” she said. “He came up with a really interesting concept that really, really worked well with that song. And the layers that he incorporated into that video, they resonated with me and look like timelines to me, like there’s three different things going on in one space. It just worked really well.”

Is It Greener? appears on DenMother’s latest album, Then Now Forever.

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