The Capital Project Launches Fundraising Campaign

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RayneMaker Productions’ mammoth documentary film/web series launches Indiegogo campaign to help complete project.

After an exhausting year of filming, RayneMaker Productions have entered the final stages of production for The Capital Project, a film and web series that is both a documentary on Fredericton’s vibrant music scene and a broad overview of the support networks and diversity that exist in scenes from coast to coast.

To date, director Tim Rayne, producer Arthur Thompson and their mobile film crew have captured performances and interviews from dozens of Fredericton musicians past and present across several genres.

The project received initial funding through Telefilm Canada with help from the Province of New Brunswick. But since that time, Rayne and Thompson have watched the project evolve into something much larger than they originally anticipated.

“Our original funding was based on producing eleven 7-minute episodes for a web series,” said Rayne, “but once we got started, I found the story that needed to be told is much bigger.”

The project’s reach stretches far beyond Rayne, Thompson and the artists they’ve featured. To date, the company has employed close to 40 people as members of the film’s production crew hiring local camera operators, sound technicians, admin staff as well as various temporary location staff. They have also worked closely with several local businesses including Signature Sound, Theatre New Brunswick, Ginger Design, The Recordery and Atlantic Media Works.

“The Capital Project has expanded significantly from what was originally projected,” said Rayne. “Instead of covering 10 bands, we have covered 100 interviews and performances. We have also interviewed many important contributing members of the music scene, past and present, to tap into some of the rich history and culture of the Fredericton/New Brunswick music scene.”

The full documentary film is scheduled to premiere at The Fredericton Playhouse on April 20, 2018, with a web-series beginning in early 2018 through Grid City Magazine.

“Much of the work left includes shooting some key interviews, some documentary footage, and a great deal of video and sound editing,” said Rayne.

To help move the project through the final stages of development, The Capital Project team have launched an Indiegogo campaign and are seeking the support from the public.

You can help by clicking the link below to support the campaign and by sharing this story on your social media channels.

The Capital Project: A Music Documentary Series

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