10 New Brunswick Podcasts to Binge

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We’ve compiled a list of New Brunswick podcasts worth checking out. Give ‘em a listen and hear what’s being created right here in our province. 

Matt Carter

I’m a fan of podcasts. Who isn’t these days? It seems there’s a podcast for every imaginable interest, and it’s never been easier to create a show yourself or with a few friends and develop your own audience. So with all the extra time a lot of us are experiencing these days, I thought it would be worthwhile to put together an overview of independent podcasts made right here in the province.  This is by no means a definitive list, but simply an introduction to the dozens of made-in-New Brunswick podcasts currently bouncing around the internet. Big thanks to @jennaknorr from Heritage Minutiae for helping get this list started.  

elm & ampersand

elm & ampersand is a poetry podcast recorded in Fredericton and hosted by Jenna Lyn Albert and Rebecca Salazar. A poetry podcast may not be your first thought when seeking out something new to listen to but Jenna and Rebecca have created a format that is both welcoming and engaging. 

Blowing It

Comedians Nat Armstrong and Mary Green discuss people, things, and institutions who are blowing it, and a few who aren’t. Each episode is a mix of politics and pop culture with new installments every few weeks. 

Surgery Radio

Eric Hill has been producing Surgery Radio for many years. It may actually be the longest running podcast in the province. The shows are roughly bi-monthly and concentrate on the soft boundaries of experimental music.

Wasting Life

Described simply as “Two men watch mostly bad movies”, Wasting Life is a hilarious podcast that reviews and dissects Hollywood’s campy, culty and downright shitty movies.  It’s a total blast! 

Strange Grooves

The Strange Grooves Podcast goes deep with musicians, vinyl collectors and music lovers about the music they love and what inspires them. Hosted by Cait Milberry and Cherise Letson, this may be one of the best podcasts for vinyl lovers everywhere. 

The Boiling Point

Despite the description ‘We motivate ever-evolving business leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents’, The Boiling Point isn’t as boring as it sounds. Hosts Greg Hemings and Dave Veale lead engaging conversations with a wide range of guests from the world of business. Give it a try. 

Heritage Minutiae

Remember Heritage Minutes? They’re actually still being made. If you believe the current wikipedia entry, there are currently 97 episodes, the most recent one produced just last year.  Heritage Minutiae is a podcast that aims to examine every Heritage Minute and the history that they represent. Hosted by Jenna Knorr and Chidochashe Madanhi. This show is only three episodes deep so if you act now you you can still get in on the ground floor! 

Femme Wonk

Femme Wonk is a policy and current affairs podcast that seeks to discuss both innovative and traditional public policy through a gender and inclusion lens. Host Katie Davey knows her shit. She holds a degree in political science and is currently pursuing her MAP at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Probably About Politics 

Your favourite monthly* podcast Probably About Politics is back for a third season and it’s hosts Alex and Kaleigh are feeling mid-graduate studies unsure about everything and ready to talk it out!

Every episode hosts Alex and Kaleigh learn about new elections going on in the world, and in an attempt to keep connected, as friends living 1,431 kms apart (briefly 16,380 km apart), they’ve recorded a podcast to talk about it!

Got a podcast of your own? Based in New Brunswick? Let us know! Send the details to gridcitymagazine (at) gmail (dot) com. 

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