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A look at some of the stories featured on Grid City this week.

weekly round upLooking back at the week we’ve just had, it’s certainly beginning to look a lot like…winter, but that’s no reason to stay on the couch.  This week’s most popular post – 50 Things to do in Fredericton This Winter –  generated a lot of attention.  The idea behind the 50 Things list was to simply prove suggestions to the many of us who find themselves stuck inside during the cold months.  We speak from experience. TV will only get you so far.  And while our list is by no means a comprehensive listing of all Fredericton activities, it should serve to get you and your family thinking about the many things there are to do in this fine city. Keep your events and activities coming in and we’ll be sure to help spread the word. Together, we can get through this.

On the theatre front, there are two productions happening this weekend. Theatre St. Thomas present Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew at The Black Box Theatre, running from November 19 – 22.  The Next Folding Theatre Company kick off their sixth Creative Collaboration this weekend with a three night performance at Wilser’s Room in The Capital Complex. That’s right. Live theatre at a bar.

“Along with having a cast who have never done a Creative Collaboration before, we wanted to try to do something new in terms of a venue as well,” said Jake Martin, artistic driector for NFTC. “Zach Atkinson from The Capital is just awesome, always experimenting with new artists and ideas. We pitched the idea to him to do the whole show there and he seemed very excited about it, so we’re going to transform Wilser’s Room into a theatre for those three nights. And without giving too much away, I can say we’re trying to use the entire space to our advantage.”

We were happy to welcome Greg Webber to this week’s Home Scene feature.  Greg fronts the band, Kill Chicago, and often makes live appearances with Young Satan in Love as the dancing horse. That’s right – the dancing horse.  There could only be one. In his feature, Greg pays homage to his Fredericton High School roots and the priceless encouragement he and other young musicians received from long-time teacher, Mr. Rick Hull, who has been inspiring students at Fredericton High School for more than two decades.

Looking ahead, we’ll be launching an interactive events calendar in the coming week. Still working out some bugs.  Be sure to send us your events and we’ll get them added.  As always, we appreciate your feedback. Stay in touch.  Have a great weekend!


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